Call for Proposals to Conduct Third-Party Assessments as a Third-Party Assessor

UPDATE – Proposal deadline extended to Friday, April 14, 2023. 

Frequently Asked Questions with regard to this Call for Proposals available here

The Digital Trust & Safety Partnership (DTSP) is seeking qualified and experienced respondents to submit a written proposal in response to this Request for Proposals (RFP) to provide a private Third-Party Assessment as a Third-Party Assessor.

Independent assessors must adhere to the highest professional standards for Third-Party Assessments. Assessors must meet the independence requirements set forth in this RFP. Due to the complexity and rapidly changing nature of the industry, a variety of skill sets are required of DTSP assessors; qualified individuals and organizations are encouraged to form teams of assessors.

View the full RFP here. Proposals are due by April 14, 2023.