Digital Trust & Safety Partnership Launches Consultation on Trust & Safety Glossary of Terms

Today the Digital Trust & Safety Partnership released a Trust & Safety Glossary of Terms for public consultation.

This is the first industry effort by technology companies, representing various products, sizes, and business models, to develop a common Trust & Safety lexicon.

“Conversations about a safer internet need a common language so we can rely on shared definitions of the challenges we face and the varied approaches to addressing them,” said Glossary Editor-in-Chief and DTSP advisor Alex Feerst. “We’re grateful for everyone’s contributions, and look forward to continuing feedback on where there’s consensus and where there’s still work to do.”

The draft glossary consists of more than 100 terms across four categories: 

  • content concepts and policies; 
  • common types of abuse; 
  • enforcement practices; and 
  • Trust & Safety technology. 

An early draft was shared with interested Trust & Safety practitioners at TrustCon, the first global conference dedicated to the field’s professionals, and it has benefited from robust input from DTSP’s membership.

“Our mission is centered on identifying, developing, assessing and implementing Trust & Safety best practices. Without a common lexicon for those best practices, it’s hard – if not impossible – to make measurable progress toward a safer and more trustworthy internet,” said DTSP ED David Sullivan.

The Partnership is seeking input from stakeholders on the glossary terms and welcomes comments from industry, civil society, governments, including policymakers and law enforcement, experts from academia, and other interested parties. Feedback can be provided via online form, or by email to before March 15, 2023.