DTSP Submission to the United Nations on the Global Digital Compact

The Digital Trust & Safety Partnership (DTSP) welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed structural elements for a Global Digital Compact.

Our partnership brings together providers of diverse digital products and services around shared commitments to trust and safety, and a framework of best practices and assessments grounded in the experience of practitioners. Current DTSP partners are listed on our website.

DTSP welcomes the inclusion within Commitment 2 the area of action to “Advance digital trust and safety, including specific measures to protect women, children, youth and persons in vulnerable situations against harms.” However, such a focus should build upon existing efforts within industry, in the trust and safety field, as well as complementary efforts by other stakeholders. Moreover, such efforts should be anchored in the protection and promotion of human rights as the introduction to Section 3 states.

Read our written submission here.