DTSP Unveils Inaugural Evaluation of Trust & Safety Best Practices

WASHINGTON – Today the Digital Trust & Safety Partnership (DTSP) unveiled its inaugural evaluation of how ten leading technology companies–Discord, Google, LinkedIn, Meta , Microsoft, Pinterest, Reddit, Shopify, Twitter, and Vimeo–are adhering to Trust & Safety best practices. 

The report reveals key findings on Trust & Safety practices that are well-developed across the companies and those areas that are still evolving.  Many companies reported a mature state of development for core content moderation practices, such as building teams responsible for establishing, updating and enforcing the rules of their services. Several of the practices rated as least mature, on the other hand, related to engaging the perspectives of users and external organizations in Trust & Safety, including human rights groups and academic researchers. concern engaging the perspectives of users and external organizations. The area where most improvement is expected in the future is integrating Trust & Safety into product development from the beginning.

“We’re encouraged by the initial results of the Safe Assessments and very interested to see specific documentation of where digital companies have been successful and where they can invest more efforts to combat harmful content and conduct,” said DTSP’s Executive Director David Sullivan. “This is just one step in the cycle, and we’re looking forward to building on this progress within companies and as an industry.”

Last year, DTSP released the Safe Framework for how participating companies’ Trust & Safety practices will be assessed. This inaugural evaluation of the Safe Assessments provides a benchmark for a future independent assessment, along with policymakers, stakeholders, consumers and the companies themselves. DTSP is already working with experts with a deep understanding of both Trust & Safety and assessment frameworks to move forward on an independent, third-party assessment.

“Though Trust & Safety has long been a critical function at digital companies, it has only been in recent years that they have taken steps to mature and organize the field. This includes increased dialogue with external stakeholders on these issues, which DTSP helps to facilitate at an industry-wide level,” said Sullivan.

The inaugural report, based on internal company assessments, synthesizes the results of the Safe Assessments conducted by ten DTSP partners in the first half of 2022. Participating companies that have joined the organization more recently will participate in a future cycle of assessments. 

DTSP continues to engage with global policymakers, subject matter experts and users to review and improve the Best Practices Framework and other areas of Trust & Safety. This year DTSP has engaged extensively with experts from industry, government, and civil society, holding a series of stakeholder conversations with representatives from 27 countries regarding its approach on how to make the internet safer and more trustworthy.

About The Digital Trust & Safety Partnership: The Digital Trust & Safety Partnership is a first-of-its kind initiative focused on promoting a safer and more trustworthy internet. The Digital Trust & Safety Partnership includes Apple, Bitly, Discord, Google, LinkedIn, Meta Platforms, Inc., Microsoft, Patreon, Pinterest, Reddit, Shopify, Twitter, Vimeo, and Zoom.  For more information, please visit dtspartnership.org.